Learn why people choose Kleidon Masterbuilt Homes, time and time again!

Dean & Kristie

We recently built with Kleidon Masterbuilt Homes, it was our first build so we were extremely excited and Kleidon’s made the whole process a very pleasurable experience. We had our house plan scribbled on a piece of paper and Scott the in-house draftsman soon turned that bit of scribble into a master piece and before we knew it construction had begun. Kleidon’s assisted with much more than just the build, they also designed and constructed a concrete bridge to cross the creek on my property. Having been around the construction industry myself for most of my working career, I have most definitely seen my share of poor workmanship, Kleidon’s work is to the highest possible standard and their reputation speaks for itself, they employ many local trades and contribute lots to the local community, we could not be happier!